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Calendar View & Route Scheduler

In this video, Travis demonstrates the calendar view and route scheduling features that make managing routes with LubePM so quick and easy. Navigating Operational Excellence:... Read more

Replace Paper Work Orders

In this video, Travis explains the benefits and advantages of upgrading your inspections using LubePM. Doing so makes inspection results much easier to track and... Read more

The Data Manager

Are you tired of going to different places and systems to look for data on the machines in your plant? You can get all that... Read more

Dynamic Procedures

Do you struggle with updating your lubrication procedures within your CMMS? In this video, Paul shares how LubePM‘s Dynamic Procedures lets you update procedures in... Read more

The Site Lubricants Page

As Travis travels around the country to different manufacturing plants, a common theme he sees is the need for a lubricant list. If a plant... Read more

Image Processing

With many senior employees retiring, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have proper documentation of your plant’s assets. Do you have... Read more

Photo Annotation

When maintenance staff have a clear, real-time understanding of issues within the plant, everything runs smoother. Are you clearly communicating machine problems in your plant?... Read more


Hardware implementation can be…hard. LubePM makes it easier by gathering information about your lubrication hardware recommendations in one place along with specifics like quantities, available... Read more

The Power Of Experience

When you have Noria’s cloud-based LubePM app in the palm of your hands, you’re holding the experience from hundreds of lubrication procedures – perfectly selected... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets LubePM apart from other lubrication-management systems? Noria’s 25-year knowledge base preloaded into an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. After showing Noria’s cloud-based Lubrication Management System... Read more