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Oct. 30, 2023

By: Editor

Modified: 03/04/24

As Travis travels around the country to different manufacturing plants, a common theme he sees is the need for a lubricant list. If a plant does have a lubricant list, it is often incomplete, and creating a list(s) is daunting. You can get all that work done with LubePM‘s Site Lubricants Page.

Enhancing Efficiency: A Deep Dive into LubePM’s Site Lubricants Page


In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. Every cog in the machinery plays a crucial role, and ensuring optimal performance requires effective lubrication management. For many plants, however, managing lubricants remains challenging, often due to the lack of a centralized lubricant list.

Enter LubePM’s Site Lubricants Page, a game-changing feature that revolutionizes lubrication management by providing a comprehensive and easily accessible repository of lubricant information.

LubePM Site Lubricants page

Overcoming Lubricant List Challenges

In many manufacturing environments, lubricant lists are scattered across spreadsheets, posted on walls, or worse, exist only in the minds of experienced maintenance personnel. This fragmentation of information leads to inefficiencies, delays and potential errors in lubrication practices.

The Site Lubricants Page eliminates these challenges by providing a centralized location where all lubricant information is readily available. This streamlines the process of identifying and selecting the right lubricants and ensures that every lubrication point is maintained correctly.

Key Features of the Site Lubricants Page

LubePM Lubricant Identification Tag

The Site Lubricants Page is packed with features that empower users to manage lubricants effectively:

  • Lubricant Tags: Each lubricant is assigned a unique color, shape and code for easy visual identification.
  • Lubricant Names: Clearly labeled lubricant names eliminate the need for deciphering cryptic codes or abbreviations.
  • Usage Information: Detailed information on the number of applications, lubricant applications and lubricant volumes used throughout the plant.
  • Technical- and Safety-Data Sheets: Access to comprehensive technical and safety information for all lubricants, ensuring informed decision-making and adherence to safety protocols.

Revolutionize Lubrication Management with LubePM

The Site Lubricants Page is one of the many ways LubePM transforms lubrication management. By consolidating lubricant information, streamlining the identification process and providing access to critical data, LubePM empowers users to optimize their lubrication practices, reduce downtime and enhance overall operational efficiency.


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