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Enable Accountability of Lubrication Tasks

Why LubePM?

As a Lubrication Management System (LMS) engineered by lubrication professionals, LubePM helps an organization create accountability to ensure that every lubrication point is carefully maintained, inspected and measured.

Without the enabling resource of a full-scale LMS, plants are susceptible to faulty and incomplete lubrication.

A CMMS falls short because it:

  • Does not provide the necessary depth for a modern precision maintenance program; and
  • Does not provide adequate job planning, task management and inventory control

We need to stop relying on rigid CMMS structures that cannot serve lubrication requirements completely and with the necessary precision. An LMS like LubePM can provide the necessary information and programmatic features to enable lubrication to serve as a pillar of precision maintenance and world-class reliability.

Are You Running a Reliable Plant?

Monitor Lubricant Use and Eliminate Waste

View your plantwide lubricant list while managing changes for consolidation and optimization.

Implement Task-Oriented Accountability

Keep your lubrication team accountable with day-to-day metrics on what’s being done, how it’s being done and a backlog of incomplete work.

Increase Efficiency through Automation

Make informed decisions about your maintenance program through real-time reporting and analytics.

Create and Trend Lubrication Data Points and Failure Codes

Create data your plant engineering team can trust to ensure top equipment performance.

Track Program Cost Savings

Get detailed insights into the financial impact of your lubrication practices.

Enable Dynamic Procedure Assignments

Watch your procedure requirements change automatically as machine conditions change.

Solutions Center

Site Lubricants

View the “always current” plantwide lubricant list while managing changes for consolidation and best practices with integrated approval processes.

Schedule Routes Immediately

View and schedule routes at a glance with the scheduling feature.

Accelerated World-Class Improvement

Jumpstart your data import with asset-specific Noria recommendations for hardware modifications, lubricant selection, procedures and more.

Make LubePM the Heartbeat of Your Lubrication Program

Work with Noria

There are many reasons why lubrication should exist outside of a CMMS system and reside in its own system — a Lubrication Management System (LMS).

As an LMS engineered by lubrication professionals, LubePM will provide all the necessary information required to understand what is happening in a lubrication program, as well as aid in the ability to track and assign work and plan for future events. The time to employ LubePM in your plant is now, and the benefits of doing so will compound for decades to come.

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