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Aug. 21, 2023

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What sets LubePM apart from other lubrication-management systems? Noria’s 25-year knowledge base preloaded into an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

After showing Noria’s cloud-based Lubrication Management System to a number of facilities, we’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions — covered in this video, along with the answers and demonstrations of how it works on LubePM.

Enhancing Industrial Efficiency with LubePM: Your Ultimate Lubrication Management Solution


In the world of industrial maintenance, one crucial aspect often overlooked is lubrication. Poor lubrication practices can lead to significant machinery failures, resulting in costly downtime and repairs. LubePM is here to change that narrative. LubePM is a cutting-edge, cloud-based lubrication management system designed by lubrication professionals to end lubrication-related failures and empower your facility to run smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll explore what LubePM is about, how it can benefit your team, and answer common questions regarding its functionality.

Accountability at Its Core

LubePM aims to instill a sense of accountability in your facility and among your team members. It ensures that every lubrication point is meticulously maintained, inspected and measured. By doing so, it not only prevents equipment breakdowns but also contributes to the overall success of your lubrication program.

Exploring LubePM’s Features

Procedures and Instructions

One of the most common questions about LubePM is, “Can you show me some examples of the procedures, tools, lubricants and step-by-step instructions?” LubePM’s procedures are meticulously engineered based on more than 25 years of experience, coveringvarious maintenance points and components. Some of these procedures include inspections, motor re-greasing and oil change-outs. These procedures offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring your team knows exactly how to maintain each component.

Task-Based Training Videos

Another question often asked is, “How do I access task-based training tools for my team?” LubePM has you covered with a collection of 10- to 15-minute task-based training videos that align with its procedures. These videos provide insights into why the procedures are crucial, who should perform them and quick tips for proper execution.

Route Scheduling and Management

To help you quickly access your lubrication tasks and make adjustments, LubePM offers a Route Scheduler page. This feature lets you view upcoming routes, check task types within routes, estimate route durations and see due dates. It’s straightforward to reassign routes between technicians or reassign missed tasks.

Asset Identification with Images

Another compelling question is, “Why are images so important in the LubePM app?” Images are vital to the app because they help technicians ensure they are at the right machine. Each procedure corresponds to a unique machine; these images confirm that they are working on the correct equipment. This prevents errors and streamlines the maintenance process.

Data Collection and Security

One often-asked question is, “How do I ensure that all data collected on the LubePM routing app is updated to the secure cloud-based data system?” LubePM simplifies data collection and security. It doesn’t require constant Wi-Fi connectivity, so technicians can work in the field without internet access. The data can be uploaded later to the secure cloud-based system once they return to an area with Wi-Fi.

Ease of Use for Enhanced Productivity

LubePM’s user-friendly design and features make it an efficient tool for your facility. With dynamic procedures that can be easily updated to adapt to changing conditions and a user-friendly app, LubePM is about enhancing industrial maintenance efficiency. When a program is easy to understand and use, it becomes a valuable asset to your team.


LubePM is more than just a lubrication management system; it’s a solution to end lubrication-related failures, promote accountability and enhance the overall efficiency of your facility. It’s designed by professionals who understand the unique challenges of lubrication programs and the industrial sector. Experience the future of lubrication management with LubePM, where efficiency meets innovation.

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