How to simplify your lubrication management routes

Jul. 20, 2023

By: Editor

Modified: 12/14/23

Focused on lubrication tasks only, LubePM helps your team focus on the importance of route management, assignments and monitoring.

Simplifying Industrial Maintenance with LubePM: A Revolution in Lubrication Management


In the fast-paced world of industrial maintenance, managing lube routes and schedules can be a daunting task. Technicians often grapple with the challenges of creating, maintaining and modifying these intricate schedules. Recognizing this frustration, Noria’s LubePM has emerged as a game-changer in the cloud-based application realm, promising to make lubrication management easier than ever before.

Unlocking the Power of LubePM

LubePM sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on lubrication tasks. This specialized approach ensures that technicians can streamline their efforts, eliminating the need to sift through non-lubrication-related work, whether mechanical, electrical, or any other extraneous task. The result? A more efficient and targeted maintenance process.

LubePM provides effortless route management in the field

Effortless Route Assignment

One of LubePM’s standout features lies in its seamless route assignment capabilities. Technicians can now transfer routes from one team member to another with just the click of a button. This simplifies the delegation process and enhances workforce management flexibility, allowing organizations to adapt swiftly to changing needs.

Task Reallocation Made Simple

Missed tasks on a previous route no longer spell disaster. LubePM empowers organizations to reassign and send missed tasks to the designated technician easily. This ensures no lubrication point is overlooked, contributing to enhanced equipment performance and longevity.

Making Reliable Lubrication Effortless

LubePM invites users to explore a world where reliable lubrication is no longer a complex puzzle. The application’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make lubrication management a breeze.


In an era where industrial maintenance demands precision and efficiency, Noria’s LubePM stands out as a beacon of innovation. By honing in on lubrication tasks and introducing user-friendly features like route assignment and task reallocation, LubePM is transforming how organizations approach maintenance schedules. To learn more and request a LubePM demo, go to: