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Jul. 31, 2023

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Modified: 04/25/24

Maximize your workload while applying, updating or maintaining a lubrication program — all the information you need, in an easy-to-use format, right at your fingertips.

Revolutionizing Lubrication Maintenance: A Look into LubePM


In the fast-paced world of industrial maintenance, efficiency is key. Every second counts when applying, updating or maintaining a lubrication program in your facility. In this era of technological advancements, it’s no surprise that there’s a tool designed to save you time and streamline your lubrication tasks — LubePM.

Unveiling LubePM: Your Ultimate Lubrication Companion

When you want to save steps and maximize your time, nothing beats the ability to have all the information you need in an interactive format right at your fingertips. LubePM emerges as the ultimate lubrication companion in a world where time is money. It is designed to provide all the necessary information in an interactive format, accessible at your fingertips.

Enhancing Precision: Image Verification on LubePM

Do you need to perform a lubrication task and need clarification on whether you are at the right machine? Simply look at the image on LubePM to verify. It’s easy to question whether you’re at the right machine for a lubrication task in the hustle and bustle of a busy industrial setting. LubePM eliminates this uncertainty by offering image verification. Simply glance at the image on LubePM to confirm you’re in the right place, ensuring precision in your maintenance efforts.

Instant Information Retrieval: LubePM’s Quick Reference

If an off-shift technician finds a gearbox low on oil and needs to see what lubricant should be used to top it up, they can quickly look it up on LubePM. Time doesn’t wait, especially when addressing urgent lubrication issues. LubePM facilitates instant information retrieval, ensuring that even off-shift technicians can swiftly identify the right lubricant for a gearbox running low on oil — efficiency in action.

Streamlining Oil Changes: LubePM Data Manager

Are you preparing for an upcoming oil change in your large circulating system? You can find the volume of oil that needs to be procured and the LubePM Data Manager. Preparation is the key to success, and LubePM understands that. When gearing up for an impending oil change in your large circulating system, the LubePM Data Manager is your go-to tool. Find the precise volume of oil needed for the change, streamlining your maintenance process.


LubePM stands as a beacon of efficiency in the realm of lubrication maintenance. With features like image verification, quick reference, and a user-friendly data manager, it’s paving the way for a new era of streamlined industrial maintenance. Don’t let time slip through your fingers — embrace the power of LubePM and elevate your lubrication game. To learn more and request a LubePM demo, go to:

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