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Oct. 3, 2023

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Modified: 04/25/24

When maintenance staff have a clear, real-time understanding of issues within the plant, everything runs smoother. Are you clearly communicating machine problems in your plant? LubePM can help you do that. Machine photos stored in LubePM can be easily annotated to help you clarify exactly where the problem is, and images are stored within LubePM alongside the asset itself, so context is never lost.

Revolutionizing Maintenance Management with LubePM: A Visual Approach


In the fast-paced industrial maintenance world, promptly identifying and addressing issues is crucial. Fortunately, there is a game-changing solution for maintenance managers facing challenges in accurately communicating problems within the plant. Let’s delve into how LubePM transforms how maintenance issues are reported and managed.

The Challenge of Conventional Reporting Methods

A common challenge maintenance-personnel face is the difficulty in accurately documenting issues like broken sight glasses or leaking fittings. Traditional methods, particularly using a phone camera, often result in either getting too close or standing too far back, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

LubePM’s Unique Solution: Image Annotations

One standout feature of LubePM is its ability to annotate images. Users can capture a photo within the inspection section, annotate the problem area, and seamlessly upload it to the manager’s desk. This visual approach significantly enhances communication, clearly and precisely representing the issue.

A Visual Walkthrough of the Process

With LubePM, the process is simple. After capturing an image, users can hit the edit button to mark up the photo. The tool allows for circling specific areas of concern and adding text to provide additional context. Upon route completion, this annotated image is saved and automatically uploaded to the manager.

Efficiency in Action

A picture with annotations is worth a thousand words. By streamlining the communication of issues, LubePM ensures that maintenance managers receive accurate and detailed information, allowing them to take prompt action.


Effective communication of maintenance issues is paramount in a world where every second counts. LubePM goes beyond conventional reporting methods by providing a visual and annotated representation of problems. The ability to upload annotated images directly to the manager ensures that issues are addressed promptly, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined maintenance process. To learn more and request a LubePM demo, go to:

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