Sep. 18, 2023

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Modified: 04/25/24

Hardware implementation can be…hard. LubePM makes it easier by gathering information about your lubrication hardware recommendations in one place along with specifics like quantities, available models, pictures and even links to purchase the equipment directly from the RelaWorks website.

Streamlining Your Plant’s Hardware Procurement Process with LubePM


In the dynamic world of industrial processes, efficiency is critical, especially when it comes to hardware implementation in manufacturing plants. Fortunately, LubePM makes life easier during the hardware procurement process thanks to its procurement feature.

The Challenge of Procuring Desiccant Breather Site Glasses

A common challenge in plant operations is desiccant breather site glasses procurement. Sourcing these components in the hardware-implementation process is critical but obtaining them can be challenging.

Navigating LubePM’s Procurement Section

To tackle this issue, LubePM offers a procurement feature. This dedicated section houses a comprehensive list of different hardware options recommended for machines in your plant. From breathers to oil-level indicators to quick connects, the procurement section is a one-stop shop for all your hardware needs.

Exploring Hardware Options

Exploring hardware options within the procurement section is easy. The user-friendly interface allows you to browse various brands and models, and the inclusion of images provides a visual reference, making the selection process more intuitive.

Accessing Detailed Information

One of the standout features of LubePM’s procurement section is its ability to provide detailed information about each hardware item. For example, users can click on a specific breather to access additional details such as cost and specifications. This instant access to crucial information streamlines the decision-making process for plant managers.

Seamless Integration with External Platforms

Ensuring seamless procurement is the integration of RelaWorks into LubePM. Only one click away, this external website offers further insights into the cost and specifications of the selected breather. The seamless transition between LubePM and external platforms, such as RelaWorks, enhances the overall user experience.


In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial processes, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. LubePM’s procurement feature emerges as an asset for plant managers navigating the complexities of hardware implementation. By centralizing information, providing visual references, and seamlessly integrating with external platforms, LubePM simplifies the procurement process, ensuring that your plant runs smoothly and efficiently. To learn more and request a LubePM demo, go to:

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