The LubePM Site Builder and AI Engine

Apr. 25, 2024

By: Editor

Modified: 05/15/24

Our mobile app’s Site Builder module makes launching your lubrication program a smooth ride.

Whether our experts are at your site or you’re taking the wheel with LubePM as your co-pilot, our mobile app’s Site Builder module makes launching your lubrication program a smooth ride.

Setting up your location and asset hierarchy is a quick and easy process. Our library of component templates makes it a snap to build out every piece of equipment in a straightforward manner. These templates act as blueprints to describe all maintenance points that make up the component, along with the specific data points we collect on those maintenance points for optimal engineering design.

Autofill Suggestions

Thanks to autofill suggestions for text and numbers based on your previous inputs, handy pick lists for most data points and copy/paste functionality, your data-collection time is drastically reduced.

In fact, all data collection can be done completely offline, including capturing unlimited photos and annotating them, as well as scanning/assigning QR or barcodes to your equipment for easy data retrieval later via the “Scan to Find” option. We also utilize QR codes for routing purposes in the mobile app, enabling plant technicians to ensure they’re at the right location and the correct machine when performing inspections or lubrication tasks.

Data Sync

Whenever your device connects to the internet, LubePM allows you to synchronize your collected data utilizing our secure API. Once your data is received by the web application, the proprietary LubePM AI engine takes charge to validate the field-collected data points, crunch the numbers, and run a sophisticated algorithm based on processing rules — resulting in tailored lubrication amounts and procedures for each maintenance point on your equipment.

Smart AI

Our AI is smart: it factors in ambient and environmental conditions to provide recommendations that suit the unique requirements of each asset. Crafted by ICML certified engineers and trained on Noria’s decades of lubrication expertise, our LubePM AI is your reliable companion in optimal equipment care!

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