LubePM System Demo Webinar

LubePM System Demo Webinar
December 4, 2020 Bennett Fitch
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Learn how LubePM acts as your 24/7 onsite lubrication expert with an overall demo of the LubePM online platform and companion mobile app.

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Topics in This Webinar:

  • What is Lubrication Program Development?
  • Meet LubePM: Your Digital Lubrication Expert
  • How LubePM helps you assess your existing program
  • How LubePM helps you implement a program development plan
  • How LubePM acts as a guiding expert for your program
  • How LubePM helps you manage routes on the go
    • Lubrication task assignments
    • Route plans: recurring, one-off, etc.
    • Route execution with LubePM mobile app
    • Route compliance
    • Staying informed with route alerts
  • How LubePM can integrate with your CMMS solution